Dead In The Manger 'Transience' LP

$ 11.99

Very little information was provided to 20 Buck Spin regarding Dead In The Manger when the label was initially contacted about a release. Only that the band play a mix of depressive black metal and grind (which seemed on paper an impossible combination) and that the intention is to leave a feeling of unease and despondency in the listener. Nonetheless a cursory listen to ‘Transience’ leaves no doubt that on its debut MLP Dead In The Manger succeeds handily in creating music both brutally violent and coldly agonizing.

‘Transience’ begins with an atmospheric repetitive motive conjuring a bleak sadness that sets the stage for an urgent right turn to scalpel sharp high bpm aggression and multiple stab wounds of hate driven malcontent. Filled with ill will and revulsion Dead In The Manger walk a fine line between all out sensory violence and post trauma exhaustion.

At just 6 songs in under 20 minutes Transience destroys the listener with a calculated premeditation in just a short time, and is intended as a first glimpse at what Dead In The Manger are preparing for. A debut full length album is in the works currently and will see release via 20 Buck Spin later in 2014.


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