A.N.S. 'Pressure Cracks' 12" LP

$ 11.69

A.N.S. "Pressure Cracks" LP/CD - A.N.S. from Texas are one of the most killer punk/crossover bands out there. After 2 albums and a dozen or so splits and EP's, they've produced their most focused (and best) material to date on "Pressure Cracks" the 3rd album from this prolific hardcore band. The heaviest influences are common, but maybe A.N.S. grab from less obvious albums, combining here a killer blend of the "professional hardcore" of "Feel the Darkness" era Poison Idea, the drugged out heavy metal / classic rock influenced punk of "My War" and beyond Black Flag, plus the high energy crossover thrash of "Lights, Camera, Revolution" era Suicidal Tendencies. It's a serious crossover record, sharpened by countless tours over the past few years hitting Japan, Europe and US repeated and relentlessly with dates for more global shows well into next year being confirmed now.

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