Brainworms 'II: Swear to Me' 12" LP

$ 10.69

After numerous splits, compilations, and tapes Brainworms have created Brainworms II: Swear To Me. Comprised of 10 tracks recorded by Steve Roach(Pink Razors, Off Minor, Armalite,ect.), Swear to Me is a cohesive album in which Brainworms have been building up to in the past couple of years. Brainworms have kept up their unique style of hardcore on this album that is catchy yet still keeps integrity in the vein of bands such as Rites of Spring/Embrace, Assfactor 4, and At The Drive In. For those not familar with the bands these guys have spent time in bands such as Stop It, Snacktruck, and Landmines and this is the 2nd record featuring new guitarist Josh Small. The layout of this record was crafted out of clay by Drew Liverman, who designed Brainworms' previous LP Which is Worse. This copy comes on Black Vinyl limited to 200 copies.

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