Black September 'The Forbidden Gates Beyond' 12" LP

$ 11.69

"First proper full length for these Chicago Blackened Death Metal masters. I just love music that makes me fell dirty! Speedy, grimy, no frills mayhem. Highly recommended!" Dark, death metal with atmospheric overtones and riffs piled upon riffs are signature elements of Black September, a band that easily mixes genres. The formula is thick, dark death metal with speed and a deep seated production, but the riffs from Black September fly at you fast and furious as the songwriting on The Forbidden Gates Beyond is insanely catchy. Add to the mix raspy vocals from vocalist Jen Pickett, dark imagery that approaches the overtones of black metal, and an exceedingly thick, huge production (the bass is unbelievable), and you have one of the great surprises of the year that has the potential to sneak up on just about everybody. I can already envision this album creeping into “best of” year-end lists, but I fear that most will miss this album due to the limited nature of its release, as well as the lack of a big label’s support. That’s unfortunate, as The Forbidden Gates Beyond is well worth your time and effort. Highly recommended.X

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