Barghest / False - Split 12" LP

$ 14.69

Barghest and False come from drastically different worlds, and drastically different are their individual approaches to black metal. Barghest, from the swamps of Baton Rouge, LA, take the misanthropic “anti-human/anti-life” angle, delivering disgustingly abrasive, lo-fi metal. A lineup without bass, but full of unflinching aggression and thickness. False, from the frozen landscape of Minneapolis, MN, begin with a foundation of synth-tinged European black metal and compliment it with hypnotic atmosphere, creating intensely eerie music. 

For all of their differences, they also share some key similarities. Each group released a debut album in 2011 with Gilead Media/Howling Mine, and both were met with overwhelmingly positive response from zines, blogs, and fans. Barghest and False also each contain an oppressive quality in their respective sounds. Believe it when I say this is not music for casual listening, in each case this is a psychological journey through a realm devoid of light or hope. 

Barghest offer two tracks for the split. “Shifting Sands” is one of the first songs the band ever wrote, and has only been available on a limited and long out of print split cassette with Mania, released by Woodsmoke. Although an older piece it still possesses the aesthetic Barghest solidified for themselves on their Untitled debut. “Inhuman Hatred” is a brand new song with an obvious death metal influence. It carries a greater sense of focus and purpose than the material from their full-length, without abandoning their unique style. 

False have grown in an unbelievable way since their debut 12″. Their single track on this split–”Heavy as a Church Tower”–clocks in at nearly 18 minutes, and stands as hard evidence that False are quickly becoming an undeniable force within American black metal. The ferocious intensity from their debut is amplified here, and paired with a more mature sense of mood and atmosphere. Their side of the split is very much False, evolved. 

Released alongside Mirror Universe. Cover art by Bryan Proteau (Natvres Mortes Illustration) and printed on heavy 24pt jackets. 24″x36″ folded poster included. Printed inner sleeve. 800 pressed on 180g black vinyl.
- Gilead Media

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