Attitude Problem 's/t' 12"LP

$ 6.69

“A curious band from Philadelphia, ATTITUDE PROBLEM is somewhat noise-rock and heavy, but not metal or hardcore – pummeling yet proggy.  Side B adds guitar and is much more rock’n'roll/garage rock while keeping the sounds from side A.  Despite appearing to be a four-piece, it doesn’t seem like they all play on every track.  I didn’t hear any guitar on side A – it’s mostly bass and drums and there are vocals on only half the tracks.  I hear a little MAN IS THE BASTARD and a little Southern hate, like BUZZOV-EN.  ATTITUDE PROBLEM has similar vocals and lyrics but doesn’t really sound like either of those bands.  Side B has more guitar and obvious garage rock influences, but the vocals are still nasty (in a good way).  I really don’t know what to make of this.” (MH) – MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL


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