Wyrd 'The Ghost Album' 12" LP

$ 12.99

""The Ghost Album" marks another great chapter in Wyrd's somewhat surprisingly underground career. Wyrd is old news for most ambient/folk black metal fans, so there's no need for introduction other than saying this band has held a very strong and unique style for quite a few albums. Minimalistic and extreme at times, but melodic and ambient most of the times. One of the best Sons Of Burzum out there. The bands style has been growing and evolving over the last several years. And this album is no exception to that. The changes continue and develop in the shape of an almost completely new style. With a very noticeable and new doom influence and with marked rock-inspired riffs, this new style is at times reminiscent of early works but also at times reminds me of more recent Drudkh, or even Swallow the Sun. This is a very doom-death influenced album and is yet another fine chapter in the tale of Wyrd. This LP release features it's own exclusive artwork and a different bonus track from the CD. Includes full size lyric sheet.

-Kreation RecordsĀ