Wormwood 'Starvation' CD

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"WORMWOOD originated in Lawrence, Kansas back in 1997. 10 years and a move to Seattle later 'Starvation', is WORMWOOD’s second and final full length. Building on the foundations laid out on 2000's debut LP 'Requiescat', 'Starvation' is a swirling vortex of psychedelic panic, doom crusted metal and sombre minor key prog mania. Imagine 'Souls At Zero' era Neurosis with the apocalypse turned inward, or Tarantula Hawk and Crash Worship on a black doom metal bender. Not surprisingly Billy Anderson's (Neurosis, Swans, Sleep) production signature graces 'Starvation', highlighting the double bass guitar technicality and sample-laden paranoia. WORMWOOD's 'Starvation' is an album that must be digested over the course of multiple listens to fully comprehend everything going on in its vast, insular 70 minute-plus mental web.

Released 2007" - 20 Buck Spin