World Downfall / Agathocles - split CD

$ 6.66

The US version of this excellent split! Originally released on F.A.R. records in Japan, this split showcases the infamous mincecore legends from Belgium versus Japan's answer to Terrorizer! This version contains new artwork as well as bonus tracks from some out of print Agathocles 7"s! Pick up this instant Grind Classic!

World Downfall:
1. Intro - Machine
2. Join the War?
3. Bajo Control
4. Misbehaviour
5. Death Sentence of the Innocent

6. What For?
7.Dope, Dole, Dumb
8. Your Standards
9. Fist the Rapists
10. Sack the GATT
11. Cash and Traps
12. Fucking Right (We're Left)
13. Last In, First Out
14. Lowlife Scumbags
15. Violence & Pure Hate (I am)
16. Zero Tolerance
17. A for Arrogance