White Mice - 'Ganjahovahdose' CD

$ 6.66

Pun obsessed, toilet-humored, ill-tongued, rodent masked wackos? A weed-fueled, grinding sludge, noise-damaged, brutally supersonic trio? Demented cheese lovers with a queef against God? Yeah the WHITE MICE from Providence, Rhode Island are all those things and more. Too fucked up and unconventional for the average metalhead, too stoned, sleazy and salacious for the hipster and punk set, the WHITE MICE have for years existed on the fringes of every underground scene and belonged to none of em.

After condemning the Earth with 5 albums and a deluge of other releases on labels like Load Records and Blossoming Noise, WHITE MICE are now set to defile the world once more in collaboration with 20 Buck Spin. Their 6th LP, Ganjahovahdose, is the crowning drool in the band’s discography, with the most stunning, searing, heavy, and beautiful sound they’ve achieved yet, thanks in part to the massive mixing job of one Ken “HiWatt” Marshall (Skinny Puppy).

Musically speaking one might hear traces of Godflesh, Brainbombs, or Buzzoven, even Flipper and some of their Providence brethren, yet they stand easily apart from any proper comparison, remaining a savage beast of their own making. The band’s live show is devastatingly loud, crude and visually incredible leaving mouths agape and the uninitiated properly converted, every time.

A cursory Youtube search will reveal the sinister aesthetic the WHITE MICE inhabit. Further mission plans include lo-fi video productions and relentless touring in the US and Europe. A completely unhealthy revisionist compulsion to alter page after page of history, obscure religious texts and images with their own PUNishingly scatological mockery of all things permeates the perverse Dadaist artwork contained within the album’s pages.

The totality of the WHITE MICE vision on Ganjahovahdose stands as a testament in praise of lord Cheesus for bestowing this deadly and volatile molotov concoction of music, art, visuals, irreverence and words onto on an unsuspecting and dangerously unprepared public." - 20 Buck Spin