Vulture Industries 'The Dystopia Journals' 2x12" LP

$ 20.69

from Ragnarok: "OUT NOW! This is the Debut Album from Vulture Industries. Released on CD in 2007 by Dark Essence Records. Now finally released on Vinyl by Ragnarok Records! It is a Double LP playing at 45 rpm for the best possible sound. It will include one bonus track titled "Ende". 180g vinyl will come housed in a 350g gatefold jacket. A double sided fold out poster will also be included. Limited to 500 copies only. Hailing from Norway, Vulture Industries play there own unique style of Avant-Garde Black Metal. Having formed in 2003 the line-up is comprised of producer BJORNAR E. NILSEN (BLACK HOLE GENERATOR) on vocals, synths and programming; √ėYVIND MADSEN (SULPHUR, ex-ENSLAVED, sessions guitars for DEATHCON) and EIVIND HUSE (SULPHUR, ex-SYRACH) on Guitars; KYRRE TEIGEN on Bass and TOR HELGE GJENGEDAL (MALICE IN WONDERLAND, ex-SULPHUR, ex-TAAKE) on drums."X