V/A - 'Mutation Compilation' CD

$ 4.20

"Recently discounted, this is an often overlooked release of ours and features some phenominal and innovative underground extreme music. Rare, exclusive and alternate tracks from TYRANNY OF SHAW (pre-TORCHE, CAPSULE), ED GEIN, THE MINOR TIMES, THE ABANDONED HEARTS CLUB, SEA OF THOUSAND (ex-EMPLOYER EMPLOYEE), ENKEPHALIN and GARUDA. Ferocious grindcore, crazed screamo, mathy hardcore and relentless death metal are only some of the adjective-rich terms that can be used to describe this awesome new compilation CD with seven of North America's brightest up-and-coming heavy bands. Containing all-new and otherwise unreleased material, this incredible collection is aimed at helping change the definition of unique and diverse underground music, all delivered by energetic young bands who aren't necessarily trying to fit in any certain mold or follow in anyone's footsteps. Each band triumphantly stands out on their own, but are definitely at home side by side, all creating truly interesting and innovative heavy music." - Robotic Empire