Unearthly Trance 'Ouroboros' CD *import*

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FORMAT 2xCD 3-panel Digipack w/ 8 pages booklet
RUNNING TIME 120 minutes
PRESS RUN 460 copies worldwide

Unearthly Trance's final release is a 120+ minutes collection featuring all the band's vinyl-only releases, including 3 unreleased tracks! All of it re-mastered.
These are the vinyl titles included in Ouroboros:
· Lord Humanless 7" (2001)
· Frost Walk With Me 7" (2003)
· Veins 10" (2007)
· The Axis Is Shifting 10" (2007)
· Split 10" with Suma (2008)
· Split 10" with Ramesses (2009)
· Split 7" with Aldebaran (2009)
· Split 7" with Minsk (2009)
· Split 7" with Wooden Wand (2010)
· Split 12" with Endless Blockade (2010)
Plus the unreleased stuff.


As Ryan (guitars / vocals / noise) puts it: "Ouroboros is a compilation of songs that were originally released only on analog formats throughout the career of Unearthly Trance, as well as a few unreleased songs. There are a couple of recordings on this release that were done in proper studios but most were done with primitive recording gear or in less than ideal environments. The driving force for these non-album tracks was the D.I.Y. spirit which was always a major part of the Unearthly Trance ethos. Ouroboros serves as a perfect digital documentation of exactly that idea.
Some of the mixes (the ones we still had) were adjusted and tweaked in 2014 by Jay Newman and then mastered by Ryan Lipynsky. The recordings are presented exactly as they were on their original vinyl release and others were slightly equalized to best present a continuous listening experience. Although the intent was made to make it flow, there are obviously some huge contrasts in sound and that is, of course, the characteristic of a compilation encompassing a 12 year career of one-off recordings.
From the first track on disc 1 you can hear Unearthly Trance at our most developed and mature to the sonic embryo of the earliest tracks at the end of disc 2. Not every single non-album song is featured on this double CD but if there's a particular song that you are wondering why it is not on this release, it is probably because it was at one point on CD. This release has been created and compiled because of all the supporters who have asked over the years for these songs digitally. Most importantly we would like to thank UG / Throne for making this idea actually come to fruition! Unearthly Trance may currently be dormant but our spirit and presence will never be extinguished..."

"...So well-balanced—sometimes crawling and sometimes speedy, psychedelic and yet vicious, intimidating but full of hooks. The band’s unique blend of elements allowed them to appeal to a lot of people while retaining a distinctive identity... Stripped-down, skeletal doom metal... one of the best doom bands in the game today.
...The band’s ability to work magic with straightforward, meat-and-taters power chord riffage... turn simple progressions into monumental sonic sculptures."
(Last Rites)

"...In all actuality, Unearthly Trance could very well be the perfect soundtrack to Taxi Driver and any movie that depicts such grisly images of humanity gone oh-so-very-***ing-wrong...
Is a boot to the head that just keeps on kicking.
...Filth-ridden, Crusty buttcrack that takes all the best parts of Sludge, Doom, Hardcore, and Punk and combines them into a seething ball of hatred and despair. The execution of these aforementioned styles is also worth noting as the band has a good handle on playing with dynamics, taking the listener on a whirlwind tour of their dirty city.
...Have you ever witnessed someone getting their head beaten in with a crowbar? This is as close to this as you can possibly get without breaking the law."

"...Really dirty Doom Metal is the foundation of the New Yorker’s music but you can add fine amount of Sludge, grooving Stoner and even Black Metal parts to that. All that and it’s played with absolute class. Really, there’s plenty of variety here but it’s all presented within the frame of extreme Doom Metal."
(The Metal Observer)

"...A dark and twisted journey, with a new level in song writing being attained by the band.
Great song writing and ideas coupled with a great sound and production... I’d say there’s more of a Black Metal influence coming through ...which makes a great bedfellow among the council of filth and hate."
(The Sleeping Shaman)