Tigershark / ¡APESHIT! Split 12" LP

$ 8.69

"Complimented with the beautiful artwork of local Richmond artist Kate Horne, this album includes 5 new songs from Tigershark, and 7 new ¡APESHIT! jams (along with 5 reworked songs from their amazing demo). Tigershark (ex-The Assistant, The Setup, Are You Fucking Serious?!?, current member of Mouthbreather) is a Richmond, VA 3-piece that play Melvins-esque low-tuned dirty punk/metal with gutteral vocals. They've been compared in reviews to bands like Old Man Gloom, Akimbo, His Hero Is Gone, and some AmRep stuff. ¡APESHIT! (ex-Kilara, current member of Ghastly City Sleep) are from Brooklyn, NY and play fast with unique hooks refreshing to punk rock; Loud and raw with a kind of mid 90's style, like Heroin’s vocals over Rorschach’s music. This record is a limited pressing of 500 on lavender colored vinyl, and an MP3 download card is included." - Mol Sook Records