the Wayward 'alzheimer’s' 7"

$ 2.99

I used to be an avid fan of a band called Carrion that was around until about 2003 and was always aware of the connection between them and the Wayward, but, for some reason, never really checked this band out. Years later, I’m finding out that I’ve been missing out and this 7” is great. It’s not quite as heavy as Carrion was, but the noodley, J Mascis-esque guitar work is still there. The riffs on the opening track are really bleak but actually pretty intricate. The vocals are spot-on; they’re pushed behind the mix but fit into everything well. The bass is a little hard to discern in the mix, but other than that, the production is solid. Both songs on the A side are great, and the B side is a sleepy cover of the Birthday Party song “The Friend Catcher.” –Ian Wise