The Oath 's/t' 12" EP

$ 7.99

Hardcore supergroup featuring Mark McCoy from CHARLES BRONSON / RATBABIES, Nate Wilson from DEVOID OF FAITH, & some european dudes from MAINSTRIKE that you probably don't care about.  But make no mistake, this isn't some lame "let's cash in on the glory of our former bands" record, THE OATH kick down 8 songs of blazing HC/punk ala early 80s Boston / New York bands (NEGATIVE FX, early AGNOSTIC FRONT, IMPACT UNIT, SSD, etc.).  Split release between Coalition / Youth Attack / Gloom.


A1 Hit Parader
A2 A Carefully Thought Out Bad Idea
A3 Through The Crack Of Your Cage
A4 We?
B1 Buddy Fucker
B2 Colostomy Grab Bag
B3 Anomie Records Sit And Spin
B4 Half Pregnant


Reissue of the 7" on 12" vinyl.

This is a gold / brown / black mixed color vinyl version.

Includes lyric insert.