The Body 'The Body' 12" LP

$ 13.99


"The long out-of-print self-titled full length from The Body is finally available again. Before choirs, and collaborations w/ orchestral/drone rock bands, The Body's first album set the stage for what was to come. The band had been together since 1999 with only a four song tape (released by the awesome guys at Armageddon shop) until the release of this now infamous full-length in 2004 was released.

Nine minutes of crashing cymbals/percussion built upon by slowed samples all over one constant riff accented by distortion. Repetitive grooves with shrieked vocals lead to interludes of piano and upright bass bowing takes the listener to tracks of the sludged-out and the chaotic, instrumental breaks ending with a behemoth 14 minute closer!" - At A Loss Recordings