Stormcrow / Laudanum 'Sacred Death' Split 12" LP

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Stormcrow and Laudanum, two bands from Oakland, California (the same city that birthed Neurosis and has been home to Dystopia, Brainoil and Asunder) that approach heavy music from different angles with equally devastating results.

Stormcrow has been fairly prolific over the last few years doing split records with Mass Grave, Skaven and Sanctum. During this time the band has built a reputation as the heaviest and most epic metallic crust band since the mighty Bolt Thrower. On this split they deliver two more masterpieces of skullcrushing power, adding elements of doom and Swedish death metal into their sound. Easily their best songs yet.

Laudanum has previously released their largely overlooked debut _The Apotheker? back in 2004 and a 7 inch in 2007. Their sound comes from a much more doomed spectrum, as though the Melvins and Swans had been left to rot in some dank Oakland industrial zone. Indeed a large part of Laudanum's sound is outright industrial influenced noise interspersed with their gristled doom riffage. Their two tracks on _Sacred Death? anticipate their forthcoming full length, _The Coronation?, due on 20 Buck Spin later this