Stormcrow / Coffins Split 12" LP

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Side A features a single track from Oakland's Stormcrow, their longest ever clocking in at massive 13 minutes. Path To Defeat is a song Stormcrow were playing in a less developed form on last year's tour and finally got into the studio where it was given the Earhammer treatment by Greg Wilkinson of Laudanum/Brainoil and Salvador Raya of Asunder. A monolithic combination of the heavy crust they are beloved for, classic death metal and a creeping, omnipresent doom vibe.

The Coffins side starts with new track The Black Fog Of Burning Flesh, a song that would fit perfectly with the abominations on their 2008 LP _Buried Death?. In customary Coffins fashion, it's a no frills, crawling, drenched in the mire death metal deconstruction. It's followed by a re-recording of _Slaughter Of Gods? from their 2005 debut LP _Mortuary In Darkness?, a live staple that will make any primitive death metal fan lament the evolutionary tendencies of Celtic Frost.

Sick artwork from Digestor of Ghoul.