Sick/Tired 'Dissolution' 12" LP

$ 16.66

After two LPs and a slew of brutal 7" releases, Chicago's hardcore/grind mainstays SICK/TIRED return with their 3rd LP and most brutal offering to date. Pushed to the sonic limit with mixing/mastering by Developing Nations/Audiosiege, this record has everything you'd want from a new S/T record and more!

Brutal riffing over short blasts of hardcore/grind?...Check.
Scathing bat-shit crazy vocals?...Check.
Noise cameos by Merzbow?...Check.
Insane artwork?...Check.
Your new favorite hardcore/grind record?...Check.

Savage Man-Savage Beast / Dissolution / Whirlwind Spirit / Sardonic / Descent / Dried Up Corpse / Absolute Hell / VIle Thing / Bitter Cold / EIB / Ultra Negative / Hit A Wall / It's Goodbye / In Articulo Mortis / Spikem I Kista / The Mire's Toll