Second Opinion - 'Youth Revolt' CD

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"ok check it out, start a band freshman year, spend 4 years in highschool listening to 9 Shox, Limpwrist, Deadfall and Scholastic Deth, fucking shit up in the pit at Burnt Ramen to all their favorites. Practicing and playing like maniacs, running the entire Warm Water Cove (SF) scene for 2 years w/ their generator giving shittons of bands a chance to play. I've literally watched these guys evolve into the fastcore, thrash, youth crew, HC powerhouse they are today. Tankcrimes has teamed up with 625 productions to bring this compiled cd of their demo, live at ramen, and debut ep. Recently they opened a show space down in their hometown, Half Moon Bay (650), a beach town south of SF known for it's murderous waves and now for Second Opinion, it's time for this band to get props." - TC