School Jerks 's/t' 12" LP

$ 11.69

"Rawer than Raw Punk. Harder than Hardcore. This is punk for 2012." After three killer 7" EPs, Toronto's SCHOOL JERKS finally deliver their first LP - thirteen songs at 45 RPM. For the unfortunate souls still needing an introduction to the sounds of the SCHOOL JERKS, what you can expect are thirteen blasts of primal hardcore punk, stripped down to the core leaving very little room for misinterpretation. We'll spare you the comparisons, but if you prefer your hardcore restrained in a straightjacket and locked in a rubber room, you need this LP. Includes a Risograph poster, and more artwork by SCHOOL JERKS 'in house artist' Tara Bursey. Split release with the band's new Bad Vibrations record label. 
- Grave Mistake