Sanctum 'On the Horizon' 12" LP

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Along with their comrades in Oakland’s Stormcrow, Seattle’s Sanctum are the new standard for crust obsessed metal, or War Crust as they call it. Raised on a diet of influences such as Bolt Thrower, Extreme Noise Terror, Entombed, Unleashed and Amebix, Sanctum mesh the best aspects of all those bands into a storming, unhinged cacophony of metallic upheaval. On their first full length, “On The Horizon”, Sanctum continues to crush the cenotaph as they did on last year’s split album with Stormcrow with 8 new tracks of totaldeathcrust. Tracks like “Scepter Of Pestilence” and “Victory Or Defeat” are as memorable as they are earth-scorching. In addition, this CD version of “On The Horizon” contains 7 bonus tracks in the form of the bands earliest two vinyl only EPs, “Sanctum” and “Enslaved”. Packaged in a sturdy oversized gatefold CD jacket. The chaos of Sanctum is the sign that in Seattle there is no law!