Samothrace 'Life's Trade' 2x12" LP

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"20 Buck Spin first heard Samothrace at a party in Austin during SXSW 2007. A crude rehearsal recording, but instantly we recognized how amazing these songs were gonna be. After inquiring about who it was we immediately got in touch with the Lawrence, Kansas band and offered to release their debut record. Fast forward to the present and the album, Life’s Trade, has finally materialized. Samothrace plays ultra heavy doom with harsh alcohol-soaked vocals. And yet a somber melodic sense also permeates the 4 long tracks on Life’s Trade. Not in the overused, weepy Euro-doom tradition, but distinctly Midwestern, soulful and blues inflected. The songs shimmer with desperation, hopelessness and pain. “Awkward Hearts” is both world weary for the plight of the oppressed and also intensely personal. The melodic interplay of guitarist Bryan Spinks and Renata Castagna is distinct in doom played this heavy and each song is meticulously crafted for maximum emotional impact. With several US tours under their belts, Samothrace have already familiarized themselves and won over doom fanatics across the country. With a planned 70 date fall tour, the band will be out in heavy support of Life’s Trade during 2008, with more US and Europe touring planned for early 2009. Recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Pelican, Nachtmystium) Life’s Trade rates as a stunning debut by a band soon to be on top of the doom genre."