Robots and Empire 'Omnivore' CD

$ 4.20

"Sounds like FAILURE, HUM, FLOOR, CLUTCH and CAVE IN in a weird blender. Bad description, the jams are better.
ROBOTS AND EMPIRE’s full length CD entitled "Omnivore" is the ferocious result of four kids from Poughkeepsie, NY who spent time in metalcore outfits amassing days upon days listening to a ton of post hardcore records that came out of the east coast in the mid to late 90’s (Quicksand, Into Another, Orange 9mm, Cast Iron Hike, Unsane) and a ton of space rock from that same time period (Failure, Hum, Chavez, Shiner, Deftones) plus an unhealthy dose of Black Sabbath. Recorded at Atomic Recording (Madball, Sick of it All, Anodyne, The Hope Conspiracy) by Dean Baltulonis, "Omnivore" showcases ROBOTS AND EMPIRE’s sonic brand of space doom. For fans of Cave In, Torche, Failure and Cast Iron Hike. "