Ramming Speed 'Brainwreck' 12" LP

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Finally available on vinyl, RAMMING SPEED's debut album BRAINWRECK comes housed in its original neon green/black/gray artwork. Each copy is hand numbered, the pressing limited to 500, and a fold out poster is included. All this thanks to Philly's Brutal Panda Records!

"don your denim jacket, get this album, crank it up all the way, and rock out until you see double. Say hello to Ramming Speed and goodbye to your brain cells!" -Liveformetal.com

13 songs of face smashing, mind melting thrash/grind with just enough crust to send you into a head banging fist pumping fucking frenzy. Tell mom if she needs you, you'll be in the pit.

"Municipal Waste are heralded as heroes of thrash's recent resurgence due to their D.R.I.-meets-Nuclear Assault onslaught. However, Ramming Speed may very well usurp the kings thanks to the sheer brutality and assault of debut full-length Brainwreck. With its thrash riffing, crustcore blast beats and death metal gurgling (circa Entombed's Left Hand Path), it's a veritable cesspool of extremities fornicating in their own filth and vomit. And just when it seems as if they couldn't become any more disgustingly brutal, a wave of Black Flag-ish hardcore washes over the sullen mess with epic chant-along choruses." -Keith Carman (Exclaim! Magazine)

"Boston's Ramming Speed has it all figured out. Right in the face of what many have labeled as a thrash revival, these five dudes from Boston compacted a few decades of metal, grindcore, and punk influences into a half hour of highly energetic and entertaining classic thrash worship. So what's the trick to rising above other bands when a style of music is enjoying a swell of popularity within the metal community? It's simple: just prove that you love it more than anyone else. And thanks to this product of the thriving Boston DIY scene, listeners will be hard-pressed to find another band more enthusiastic about every corner of the thrash, grindcore, and punk genres.

Bottom Line: Fans of classic acts like Napalm Death, Slayer, Discharge, and Testament and time-tested activities like eating pizza and drinking beer will find a lot of good times in Ramming Speed...If you're going to revive old musical styles and pay homage to the classics, you better make it feel authentic and you better make it entertaining. And luckily, Ramming Speed has done just that." - Lambgoat.com