Pussygutt 'She Hid Behind Her Veil' CD

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"Pussygutt consists of Brittany McConnell on bass and Blake Green on drums. The couple, both multi-instrumentalists, reside in the rural landscape outside of Boise, Idaho, where they create their dark, foreboding sounds away from the chaos of America’s large cities. Pussygutt takes many forms. Often in the live environment they add a guitarist and pummel through a set of blistering, Melvins-style low-end heaviness at impossibly high volumes. Other times they manifest as a dark, string-based doom duo. And occasionally, the pair collaborates with the experimental noise project A Story of Rats, as they do when performing material from their Sea of Sand double-LP debut. Pussygutt’s new album, She Hid Behind Her Veil…, is comprised of a single track over 45 minutes in length. The sound occupies a dense space where the heavy, metallic drone sound of Black Boned Angel intersects with the minimalist string arrangements of Phillip Glass and the more ambient doom tendencies of Japan’s Corrupted. With its use of violin textures, the album sounds as much like a classical movement as an art-doom LP. Draped in a cloak of gothic black doom ambiance and eerie, unsettling moods, She Hid Behind Her Veil… is an apparition of ghostly vision from one of America’s more isolated environments."

Released 2008

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