Pek 'Preaching Evil' 12" LP

$ 12.99


Pek's debut album on vinyl limited to 500 copies. Comes with double sided lyrics insert and reverse board printed jacket. Taken from their website: Pek was invocated from beyond the boundaries of the perverted underground scene accompanied by legions of evil to inspire the blasphemous death metal spewed forth on all sanctity – holy gods, idols and religion in general. Pek is the embodiment of the dark, obscure and blasphemous aspect of death metal, summoning demons dwelling in the void beyond the gates of death in order to desecrate the flesh of Christ, to crush the cross and to curse the priest…eternally! Tracklist: 1. Preaching Evil 2. S.A.T.A.N. Sanctity Exiled By Abhorrent Legions Triumphant Anti-Christ Nemesis 3. Funeral Orations For The Detoriated Corpse Of A Metal Deficient God 4. Satans Mark 5. Malicious Delight In The Suffering Of Christ 6. Messenger Of Eternal Damnation 7. Blessing The Blackness 8. Leviathan