Otesanek 's/t' CD

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"Right from the exquisite feedback and hellish vocal introduction, you know something doesn't feel quite right. Like oil is being pumped into your veins... and you know there is still a long, long way to go before its over. This is the debut of Otesanek. The band that will decay all senses until nothing is left of you but a pile of bones. These Philadelphians baptize the world with two tracks of gluttonous, overruling doom played slower then the second coming of jesus christ. Scattered guitar chords are struck with the force of colliding planets, all while the drums are being beaten rather than played. The duel vocals ring in like the shouts of tortured souls, bellowing from the darkest places anyone could imagine. If you hate Earth, Boris, Khanate, and Sunn o))), then you will despise otesanek. Two tracks, thirty minutes. Ex members of Puritan & Hassan I Sabbah. (Electric Human Project #27)"

-The Electric Human Project