Northless 'World Keeps Sinking' LP

$ 19.00

Last Of Your Kind
World Keeps Sinking
Wither And Escape


Gilead Media & Halo of Flies are proud to jointly present the new Northless album, World Keeps Sinking. Available for pre-order now.

Northless is a response to the erosion of the future. Drawing inspiration from numerous entities throughout the realm of dark & heavy sound, the members of this group have combined their own influences and personally diverse musical backgrounds into a concoction of progressive, dooming sludge metal. Great, shuddering washes of sound and texture. Pummeling rhythms. Sonic intensity.

In 2013, Northless will release what promises to be their most dense, heart wrenching album yet. World Keeps Sinking showcases the crippling heaviness that has become Northless’ trademark, but also expands on that aesthetic in a considerable manner. Each song boasts a new sense of melody and compositional precision that surpasses all prior Northless material, but without ever sacrificing the untamed aggression that gives them their signature sound. World Keeps Sinking comes from another place entirely. It comes from the Abyss, and it has come to show you the depths of humanity… to drag you down.