Neurosis 'Through Silver in Blood' 12" 2xLP

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Black vinyl

Super deluxe vinyl reissues of NEUROSIS' 'Through Silver In Blood' (originally released in 1996, first time on vinyl in 10 years), 'Times Of Grace' (originally released in 1999, first time on vinyl in 15+ years) and the 'Times Of Grace' companion piece, TRIBES OF NEUROT's 'Grace' (originally released in 1999, never before on vinyl). All three records are pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in heavy duty 'tip-on' jackets.


Reissue Pressing Info:
2100 x Black 180 Gram
2000 x Oxblood 180 Gram *European Import*
650 x Black / Oxblood Half 'n Half 180 Gram *Mailorder Exclusive*
250 x Relapse 25th Anniversary Silver 180 Gram *Mailorder Exclusive*
100 x Clear (do not request clear)