Nazi Dust 'Wretched Hour' 12" LP

$ 14.69



1. Suffering
2. Wretched Hour
3. Flourish/Voices
4. Static Art
5. Disease Of Flies
6. Doomed For A Loss
7. Empty Thoughtfuls
8. Self-Worth
9. Catharsis
10. Dull Regard

Just when everyone thought Nazi Dust was dead and gone, Tampa's most hated hardcore band returns with their definitive statement, a one-sided 12" (haha). Made to be economical, this 12" has no insert and features only music on the A-side, but it's still at 45rpm, so it's nice and loud. Oh, and the band can play their instruments now! The band takes their love for SSD and other fast, 80s Boston hardcore bands, strips the straight edge element from them, and introduces incredibly trebly and industrial-sounding guitars, which really reflects their roots in Tampa. Most importantly, though, the songs are just much better written and are far more memorably than their prior material; "Suffering" is one of the best hardcore songs I heard in 2011. Total banger status. But really, while I quite liked their demo and their 7", this is definitely the material I'll be revisiting the most often.