Mournful Congregation 'Concrescence Of The Sophia' MLP

$ 12.99

The ever-bereaved Australians in Mournful Congregation hath seen fit to wake once more and bequeath to thee, feeble mortal, two new effigies of chiseled white marble doom upon which, souls torn asunder, the passed are reverently consecrated. Herein find Mournful Congregation advancing their unrivaled and painstaking style of extreme doom, from soaring, majestic beauty straight down into the lowliest somber depths of hell.

Intended to an extent as an “in-between” release while the funeral directors sculpt their next full-length eulogy, Concrescence of the Sophia opens with its more-than-20-minute title track, where “the weight of all waters, and the mass of all stars” exacts a heavy toll in the timeless pursuit of mystical knowledge. The monumental main riff onerously gives foundation to Damon Good’s ardently howling leads and sepulchral lament, while acoustic interludes offer only temporary respite to doom’s forgone conclusion. On the B-side, “Silence of the Passed” at a mere nine minutes in duration nonetheless foretells how vast is the agency of doom.

20 Buck Spin proudly presents Concrescence of the Sophia to the North American cemetery, adding yet another shining, jeweled crown to the growing reliquary of Mournful Congregation.

* Europeans are advised to order from Osmose Productions, Mournful Congregation's European label when available.

* Australians are advised to order from The Cave Distro.