Mörser 'Pure Scum' 12" LP

$ 12.69

I don't think the Germans of Mörser need an introduction. Their first 2 full lengths 2 Hours To Doom and 10.000 Bad Guys Dead became cult albums and since then they've built a steady fanbase worldwide. It's been a while since they released something new though. In 2002 they released the mini cd Scum, the soundtrack for a comic with the same title. They were supposed to release another soundtrack for a comic called Pure but this release got postponed until it didn't get released at all. Now there is Pure Scum, which contains 5 new tracks (the songs meant for the comic Pure and 4 re-mastered songs (from the sold out comic Scum) and some extra multi-media (trailers, comics...). On to the songs. This still has the trademark Mörser sound. It's heavy, mean, brutal and 100% metal and the two singers still grunt and scream like madmen. So nothing really changed since their last full length album 10.000 Bad Guys Dead. The new Pure songs have a better production than the old ones, which doesn't make them sound less brutal.