Morgoth 'Resurrection Absurd / Eternal Fall' 12" LP

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"Some of the earliest and still best death metal to ever come out of Europe.  These Germans wrote some of the best riffs and have created some of the heaviest and most original death metal in the genre.  Marc's vocals are some of the most original and have yet to be copied or duplicated.  This reissue features their first two ep's on one LP.  Remastered for vinyl and features NEW and awesome artwork that seamlessly blends the two EP covers into one new creation.  Awesome stuff!"

 Black vinyl - 400 press

A1   Dictated Deliverance 3:07
A2   The Travel 5:08
A3   The Afterthought 3:24
A4   Selected Killing 6:37
A5   Lies Of Distrust 4:38
B1   Burnt Identity 3:53
B2   Female Infanticide 3:14
B3   White Gallery 4:07
B4   Pits Of Utumno 4:38
B5   Eternal Sanctity