Litany for the Whale 'Dolores' 12" LP

$ 8.69

On their debut EP, Dolores, this four-piece exploit a gruffer take on heavy music, surrounding it with wailing feedback, darkened ambiance, and harmonious melodies. The end result is a chaotic and complex mix of hardcore, punk and metal elements, soaked with devastating levels of distortion, bass, and layered vocals. Their 23+ minute, 7-song EP was recorded at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA by Eric Leavell, with mastering handled by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, IL. 

Pressed on white vinyl with limited variations on coke bottle clear w/ black haze from MolSook and translucent red w/ black haze from The Perpetual Motion Machine. The record comes packaged in heavy, black and white jackets with beautiful artwork created by Chris Taylor (Pg99, Pygmy Lush).