Krallice 'Years Past Matter' Gatefold 2xLP

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Years Past Matter is presented as a gatefold 2LP on black vinyl with black paper inner sleeves. Jackets are Stoughton tip-on style and the album includes a 10″x10″ double sided insert with lyrics, unlike the CD version. There is also a digital download code included with every copy. Each order ships with a 1″ button.

Krallice are a machine. With humble beginnings and goals, they quickly evolved into a keystone of the US black metal scene. Many will argue the genre tag, if it’s applicable to the band, if they’re truly black metal. While anyone can clearly see that Krallice are by no means a typical black metal band, it’s plain to me that they’re taking legendary genre influences and processing them through their own, unique filter with incredible results. Everyone in Krallice is at a brilliant technical musician, and their ability to write music that is hypnotic while remaining technical is something that continues to blow me away. 

Now, four full length albums into their life as a band, Krallice’s sound continues to evolve. They continue to fine tune and hone their style. With each release I find myself believing that new record is as tight as they could be, that it is the definition of their sound as a band. With each new recording I’m proven so very wrong. 

Years Past Matter strikes a different chord than Diotima did, and different even than the two first albums before that. Krallice seem to be aiming for a greater level of obscurity in their work, from production to lyrics and song titles, which have not been published prior to the release of this vinyl edition. Within the mix itself you can hear a stark difference from past albums, a move towards greater cohesiveness in their sound. This is particularly apparent in the vocals, which appear to be lower in the mix, helping to drive home the aforementioned hypnotic feel. And although Nick McMaster’s metal growls are still as prominent here as they were on Diotima, the music itself has less of the up front “metal” feel than it has in the past when Nick’s vocals were present alongside Mick Barr’s signature screams. 

Krallice somehow continue to become more their own band without alienating their listeners. They’re not carving a new path for others to follow, they’re building a new realm of music where they themselves will dwell.
-Gilead Media