Iron Reagan 'Worse Than Dead' 12" LP

$ 9.69

Hailing from Richmond, VA, IRON REAGAN are a new band featuring members of Municipal Waste/Darkest Hour. 'Worse Than Dead' is the band's debut nineteen track LP loaded with high energy crossover with the focus put on hardcore rather than the thrash you know/love their other bands for. Comes with awesome retro-style pen/ink artwork by Brent Eyestone.

FFO: D.R.I. / Cro-Mags / Nuclear Assault

Drop The Gun / Slightly Out Of Focus / I Predict The Death Of Harold Camping / Cycle Of Violence / Eyes Piss Tears / Insanity Plea(se)? / A Joke A Fraud A Fake / Rats In A Cage / We Know You're Hiding / Paycheck / Midlothian Murder Mile / The Debt Collector / I Ripped That Testament A New Asshole / Bodies / Eat Shit And Live / Two Examples / Snake Chopper / Warp Your Mind / Walking Out