Human Mess 'Follow You Home' 12" LP

$ 10.69

Human Mess- Follow You Home LP.  After hearing the debut LP from Bakersfield's Human Mess a few months ago, I'm pretty sure I won't be hearing another ten minutes of hardcore as intense as this. Follow You Home is definitely one of the best hardcore LPs I've heard all year. The band plays raw, fast hardcore in the vein of early Poison Idea and other punkier hardcore bands. Not only does the music sound like a frenzy of pure genius brutality, but the lyrics deviate from normal hardcore whining and fall into creepier territory without falling into the bunk-ass territory often inhabited by retro HC bullshit.  This is fast, no-frills hardcore at its most violent and, I'd argue, its best. I can't really recommend this record enough.

-taken from Dead Beat Records