Hex Machine 'Run to Earth' 12" LP

$ 7.77

"Hex Machine is perhaps the latest in the rather long line of rather badass "math metal" bands (for lack of a better term) from here in Richmond, VA, and their sophomore EP on Molsook Records, the "Run to Earth" 12", proves just that. Badass, yes, but they're certainly not your typical "math metal" band. For one thing, there are vocals, though instrumental action does tend to drive the bulk of the compositions, and while there are a number of familiar rhythmic shifts and grooves, there are also a ton of bizarre textural nuances and generally twisted accents that keep things interesting, and, well… sort of strange. It's just cool material. Excellent fucking recording, too. I mean, it's dense yet crisp, there's a ton of detail in there, and it really highlights the killer musicianship that's going on within all of the layering between the instruments and shit. Very cool. Loving that aspect for sure. Guitarist/vocalist Trevor Thomas has been in a number of killer bands over the last decade-plus, and I'd say pretty much all of them have been fairly underrated, but Hex Machine seems to be playing a shitload of shows and getting out there quite a bit, so I'm certainly hoping that the overwhelming all-around strengths of this EP can start to do some damage for 'em as well. And I mean that in a good way, of course. This is a great fuckin' release." - Aversionline.com