Hawg Jaw 'BeLIEve Nothing' 12" LP

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Gary Mader of Eyehategod and crew!

Shell of Man
Strike Like a Snake
Boiling Point
In Sheep's Clothing
365th Sickness
No Mas


"On the surface they may seem to be another mid-paced sludge band who has spent more than a few hours absorbing Eyehategod records but in no way is that the limit of their sound. Their totally warped vocal delivery and super sick sound brings to mind The Accused at their finest. The skull cracking riffs are amazing and have that totally raw and rancorous vibe that hails equally to Flipper, later Black Flag and Melvins. It blows my mind to hear a band that is so phenomenally extreme that they are a perfect fit in today's over-the-top extreme hardcore scene and yet has such vintage characteristics that punks from 10, 15 or even 20 years ago would identify with it." - Jeb Branin

"If you dig Neurosis and Soilent Green and dug Eyehategod, you'll positively die for these uncompromising slices of depression, depravity, dystopia and dyspepsia. An aurally auspicious debut." - Mark Miester