Harvey Milk - 'Singles, The' 2x12" LP

$ 19.99

"Like a thick brick wall is falling down on you, Harvey Milk shows no mercy for your ears. This compilation of their singles shows how ugliness is exalted to art. Harvey Milk is like a choking coughing-fit whereby you regurgitate huge doses of slimy green-brown clots: an impenetrable sludge of grumous audio waves. It’s kinda metal, but a very garage-like, atypical one. The metal manure is vomiting upon you like in the best tradition of the Melvins, Unsane and the Cows. But also the dung of Zeni Geva, Today Is The Day, Fudge Tunnel, Neurosis and Killdozer has some kind of similar smell. But this one sure does smell a lot nastier! And don’t think their use of saxophones of Al Stewart-like ballads make them sound like pussies, cause even in their quiet moments there’s a hidden veil of anger beneath the surface. Just listen to singer Creston Spiers how he sings ‘Love is such an easy thing’ (A Kiss cover!) or ‘Merry Christmas’ in the traditional ‘Greensleeves': very convincingly unbelievable and dripping like hell with biting sarcasm." - From LordsofMetal.nl's Evil Dr. Smith