Hammers of Misfortune 'Fields / Church of Broken Glass' 2x12" LP

$ 11.99

The theater of San Francisco’s Hammers of Misfortune return to the stage again with its latest performance piece, Fields / Church of Broken Glass. Master auteur John Cobbett (also of the blackened Ludicra) delivers a work specifically written for the double-vinyl format. Two distinct and separate albums, each with its own theme and aesthetic, joined at the spine. And with the its progressive and overtly ’70s sound, it recalls a time when the double-vinyl format meant a unique dual thematic experience rather than a single album that was simply too long for two sides.

On Fields / Church of Broken Glass, Hammers of Misfortune continue with the political allegories and metaphors that were featured prominently on their previous LP, The Locust Years. As with all aspects of the band, a great deal of care was taken with the lyrical presentation of the album, avoiding the usual progressive and metal cliches. The sound goes further into the vintage sound of 1970s space travelers like Hawkwind, and the organ/keyboard/piano elements and female vocals feature more prominently then ever. Additionally, new singer Patrick Goodwin ably fills previous lead vocalist Mike Scalzi’s large shoes with a voice perfectly suited to the warmer, analog vibe of the newer songs.A new Hammers of Misfortune record is always an event for the band’s vast worldwide following. Only one previous Hammers LP has actually been pressed to vinyl, and with the arrival of Fields / Church of Broken Glass on the deluxe double-LP format, the band is sure to sate the appetite of their vinyl-starved fans around the globe and attract additional converts to their theater of the politically absurd.