Hallowed Butchery 'Funeral Rites For The Living' 12" LP

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“HALLOWED BUTCHERY is the alter-ego of Ryan Scott Fairfield from Kennebec County, Maine/USA, and his one-man-project brings you bizarre soundscapes between ambient, folk, industrial, progressive rock and heavy doom metal. Instead of the average doom repetitiveness, variety is the bottom line of this symphonic opus, ranging from soft melancholic acoustic passages to pure dark and slow funeral doom marches and weird synth fanfares. Lyrically, he deals with environmentalism, spirituality, religion and individuality vs. society. Altogether this results in a great album taking the listener on a trip into unknown depths of the self.”

“…a full-fledged warhorse of doom, with a sound that is way beyond its years”

“This is the most progressive doom / sludge stuff we’ve ever heard, for fans of: AHAB , COMUS, EARTH, KHANATE and NORTT”