Grime 'Deteriorate' 12"LP

$ 9.99


There isn’t much that I can add to you what Decibel, Doommantia, Invisible Oranges, Pure Grain Audio and many others are hailing as an incredibly ugly, raw, and filthy version of anything you knew as sludge. GRIME is penetrating your ears with a q-tip covered in barbwire. These Italian doom mongers are channeling the worst of humanity and delivering it in intermittent hatchet blows to a bloated corpse. That cadaver might as well be the metaphor for your expectations. It rather resembles the initial image but is a disturbing amalgam of its parts.

Slow and anvil heavy; pendulum riffs sway from darker to even darker. The drums push the songs through the speakers at a hammering pace. Each thud is delivered with the weight of … Elephants drunk on… look, I am lost in extreme examples of heavy. I am digging through superfluous versions of descriptions of humanity’s treachery. `

So picture evil. Picture walking through hell. Picture Greg Anderson hanging with Heironymous Bosch. Picture Dante tripping with the Melvins. Picture Sasquatch dragging his shrapnel riddled legs across the Yukon’s vast expanses. And some big ass amps. If you like heavy as hell music to be played like your thoughts strewn across a tarpit, this is for you. Garish metaphors and all.