Godstomper & Dos Amigos 'Split' 7"

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A1 –Godstomper World Of Truth Part 2
A2 –Godstomper Killed Teen
A3 –Godstomper Trust Your Leader
A4 –Godstomper Tattooed Fools
A5 –Godstomper The Ballad Of Toxic Waste
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Whiskey Shots With Pissed Robots
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Napalm Asshole
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Chainsaw Hipster Splatterfest
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Whitebread Grills
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Kronic Mind Rot
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Gregory Downing Mustache Ride
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Snitch Bitch Earsore
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Shit Breeds Shit
B1 –Dos Amigos (3) Ringwuurm Phantomlord