Fucked Up 'Dangerous Fumes' 7"

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A Dangerous Fumes (Single Version)
B Teenage Problems

The first press (this) of this release features a fake cover that´s printed on the inside of the cover. The fake cover is for "Teenage Problems" (only) and has a painting of nude boys playing on a beach. It was pressed at 3000 copies.
The record also includes a 2 sided lyric insert.
The second press (this copy) had no inner cover and was also released at 3000 copies.
The center labels are printed incorrectly and are on the wrong sides i.e. the label for "Teenage Problems" is on side A, which plays "Dangerous Fumes" while the song "Teenage Problems" is on the side bearing the label "Dangerous Fumes". 

Recorded 2/4/06 and mixed 2/5/06 at Audiolab Studios Toronto; mastered at Golden Sound.