Farflung 'A Wound in Eternity' CD

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"'A Wound In Eternity' owes as much to Hawkwind as it does to Sleep, and at times the sound reminds me of early Monster Magnet. This is a fuzzed-out, spacey freak-out. The drums pound along in a manner that would make Keith Moon and John Bonham both proud. The guitars are fuzzed-out and drenched in reverb and delay, providing an excellent ambience. The vocals easily hearken back to the 60’s/early 70’s. Lyrics about space and all things space-related abound throughout the whole disc. Everything in the mix has a place here and it all sets a great psychedelic tone without sounding dated or forced. Farflung is a band with one foot firmly in the past and the other set light years into the future. I can only hope that this is just the beginning of a long trip yet to come."
-Dave Warren
"Mesmerizing beyond belief, heavy with crushing, distorted guitars never venturing far from similar chords played over and over while at the same time mixing color bending orchestral schemes (ala Pink Floyd) with synthesizers that play tricks with your intellect. With a fascinating ear for the different, the boys of Farflung take their sound to the very extreme, and somehow never worry about bringing you back. With sounds, voices and special effects that seem to come from the deepest, darkest places of space, tracks use delicious mind warping techniques to grab on to the listener. For those wanting a mind fuck of a trip, this is about as different and unique as one could hope for. Intense with the sounds of punk, futuristic melodies, fuzzy guitars and haunting, lingering voices, Farflung is deeply committed to providing an element of the unexpected. Turn out the lights, put on the headphones so to be able to hear each and every chord, note, effect, and passage that is 'A Wound in Eternity'."
-Franco Wissa
"The new album from Farflung has my mind swirling as much from the sounds as from the sheer number of influences represented here. There’s obviously the sludge of early metal like Sabbath, some Ted Nugent like grooves, the raw unbridled beats of early 80’s punk rock and a healthy dose of early psychedelic spacerock. It’s all swirled up into a moving mass that sounds like it would be perfect to have playing in the background while you watch some 1970’s sci-fi oddity like Zardoz. The mixture of early metal and punk rock is here in all fuzzed out, revved up glory but there is also plenty odd noises and layers of floating, sometimes textured music that gives it a trippy feel at times. Also the production values are high which helps immensely with this kind of music. This is undoubtedly music where you need to get a CD player outside at night, lay down and gaze up at the stars and take in all the sky and this music has to offer."
-Mark McKinney