Eyehategod 'Take As Needed For Pain' 2x12" LP

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On the album we have the lengthy, lethargic seven minute tracks which continually bludgeoning the listener, only stopping for some guitar noises here and there. Then there are the shorter, faster paced tracks such as Sister Fucker, which although being faster paced are still heavier than perhaps nearly every other doom band out there. Then there are the songs with drug influenced lyrical themes such as ‘Crimes Against Skin’, which outdoes many Stoner Rock bands in its downtuned simplicity and tortured lyrical delivery. The only down point is the seven minute track ‘Disturbance’, which although providing a break from the real songs, gets boring quickly due to it consisting of random noises.

To sum it up, ‘Take as Needed for Pain’ is quite simply a sludge metal masterpiece. Eyehategod have a formula and they stick with it, and with albums like these it is no wonder they are renowned as among the best in the sludge genre.