Dystopia 'The Aftermath...'

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"More Misanthropic melodies about the all the shitty things in life. This is a collection of All DYSTOPIA stuff recorded after the "HUMAN" CD (that is, the split LP with SKAVEN(1995), the split EP with SUFFERING LUNA(1995), the "Backstabber" 7" and 4 previously un-released tracks recorded in Germany (1997). The first four tracks have finally been released on vinyl as a one-sided 12" EP, complete with a striking vinyl etching on the flip by DV D'Andrea. Also contains an 8 page lyric booklet with loads of depressing / disturbing color flicks. CD contains 12 songs total with 16 page lyric booklet. Toured extensively in '99 on this release (US, Canada, Australia, Japan) and just finished a European tour in October 2000 with Japan's CORRUPTED!."

-Life is Abuse

"...Dystopia really had a knack for creating angry, bleak, and powerful music and this album shows it perfectly. The vocals fit perfectly as they are so vile and anguish ridden that it's hard not to have that rage rub off on you. The higher vocals play off the deeper ones perfectly and create a dynamic few bands match. Listen to "Jarhead Fertilizer" to see what I'm saying, angry and pissed off vocals are always awesome. Owing much to the crust/punk scene Dystopia are able to also create lyrics and a vocal style that really carry along well with the music, and sometimes might even inspire you to sing along...